"Kid #10"

On October 19th, 2016 Adam became a double digit, 10. He is in fourth grade at our Home School, Mountain View Christian Academy.  Most of the time Mom only has to explain something once and he will say okay I can do it by myself now. He loves being able to participate in the outloud reading at school.  His penmanship is amazing. He is now learning cursive.  He is very good at math and most of the time would prefer to do mental math, rather than writing down the steps. He loves time and money.  When he is finished with his work he loves to go outside to' "scooter" that is his favorite activity.  He also enjoys using his imagination.
He's very particular about his clothing.  Not because of style, but comfort.  He refuses to wear certain materials. The same with shoes.  He loves flip flops...but it the winter he likes his cowboy boots or his furry moccasins.
  It is difficult for Adam being the youngest because he bonds with the older siblings, then they leave home...First he bonded with Steven. He is still Adams BEST buddy, more like a 2nd daddy than big brother. But now when Adam needs help or loving when he is hurt he has to find someone else to comfort him or help him accomplish something. Now his best buddy at home is least she will be around for a few more years. HIs favorite is still his mommy.  He tells her all day long that he loves her and smothers her with hugs and kisses.  He says he will continue doing that until he is Steven size and that when he grows up him and his wife will live at home so that mommy doesn't have to be alone.  He loves making Chocolate chip cookies with Alea and Hot Cocoa with Faith.  He loves life cereal with milk.  "Square" toaster waffles, Chocolate Chip pop tarts, baby hot dogs, his new favorite is grits. He still loves broccolli and prefers not to eat any meat...maybe he's a vegetarian??? However, he loves Hot Dogs!!!
Like the rest of the Scheffler siblings, Adam has been pulled in to acting by Betsy.  He was a party boy this year in the Philharmonic Nutcracker.He practices on the piano by himself.  He likes to memorize the notes...but is not sure he wants to take lessons.  He wants mom or Alea to teach him.He has a well trained ear for music.
This year Adam got the bunk beds from Daddy's apartment.  Ever since we put them in his room he loves sleeping on the top bunk. Adam is now a legoholic like his older brother Samuel.  He is also getting interested in playing things on the Playstation and Wii. Guess that was inevitable.

At night when it is time to read and pray, since Adam knows how to read now he has asked to be included in the who wants to read the bible story. When it is Adam's turn to pray he prays Jesus thank you for my mommy and daddy and for my brothers and sisters and for whatever someone asked for during Issues, Opportunities and Updates. When it's time to go to bed he actually likes being tucked int he top bunk.  He has christmas lights around the door in his room that are like a night light that helps him sleep.
October 19, 2007