"Kid #7"

Alea is a Junior at our Home School, Mountain View Christian Academy. She likes all her school work, except math. Although she doesn't enjoy Math, Algebra is one of her best subjects.  She is following in her sisters footsteps by enjoy reading books, dancing and the performing arts. 
Alea is continuing with her passion to dance. Alea would like to study to become a choreographer or a pianist or both.  Being at Kaleidoscope Dance Project will help her pursue her dance and choreographing passion.  Continuing with her piano lessons will help encourage her musical talent on the piano and keyboard. Alea is in her ninth year of taking piano lessons. This year Alea started a job coaching at Peak Gymnastics and Fitness.

The most difficult challenge for Alea right now is being in her 2 older sisters shadow.  This makes it hard developing in to your own person. Alea has a lot of talent in dance and in music.  With the love, encouragement and the support of her family and friends she will do very well. Alea has a huge heart full of love.  Every night before she goes to bed she finds mom to make sure she gets and gives bedtime hugs!  This is something mom will cherish forever and miss when Alea is all grown up. Mom's says that Alea will be her Best Friend forever. They share a special bond that will last a lifetime.
October 17, 2000