"The Dad"

August 27, 1963
Bob, head of the Scheffler household, master craftsman and bread winner. Bob is the visionary of the family. Thanks to the Lord and Bob's ability to turn dreams into realities we are able to accomplish many goals. Bob is currently employed as the SVP of Engineering, Architecture, and Quality at Layer 3TV in Denver.  For over 20 years, Bob has been the key visionary behind many advanced development projects, many of which resulted in founding start-up companies. He enjoys his work, but wishes he didn't have to be away from the family during the week. He has his Pricom office at home. This is where he has his own space and flexibility to do what he does best...Dream, build and create!!!  When Bob is home he relaxes by working on home improvements. He always involves the kids in his projects whether it is smoothing the driveway or digging trenches, insulating a wall, grouting tile or any other projects he can think of where he can involve the kids. . This is a two fold blessing, the kids get to spend time with daddy, but also learn valuable life skills. Bob is definitely a GREAT teacher!
Bob wishes he had more hours in the day to finish all his tasks. Trying to balance his time with work, loving his wife and, dividing his time fairly between ten kids can be a bit overwhelming at times. He does a GREAT job in all those areas. We all love him and think he is the best husband and daddy in the world.

"The Mom"

September 11, 1965
Shari, wife, mother, and teacher of the 10 Scheffler kids. For fun let's give motherhood a new "job description" Shari is a "Research Associate in Child Development and Human Relations" What duties are involved with this job? A continuing program of research in the laboratory (the house) and in the field (outside) I am working for my Masters (the whole family) and already have 10 credits (the 10 kids) This job is the most demanding in humanities and I often work more than 14 hours a day...on call 24/7. The job is challenging, but the rewards are more satisfying than money.
A typical "work" day for Shari …hmm there really is no typical day. In the Scheffler house we learn to go with the flow and be flexible. We all dream of being organized and having a perfectly clean house with no dirty laundry, floors to wash, rooms to clean, the list seems never ending…but then what would we have left to teach the kids. Being in charge of such a large household doesn't leave much "personal time" however, when she has time in between meals, dishes, activities and laundry she can be found teaching the students of Mountain View Christian Academy, delegating chores, watching a movie or maybe taking a nice warm bubble bath.When she is not busy in a domestic capacity, Shari enjoys playing games with the kids, riding horses, reading, writing newsletters, photography, lounging on a raft by the pool, going to Wal-Mart, taking a much needed nap or maybe on a rare occasion, having an annual date with her husband, Bob.
 Shari considers being the mother of ten a blessing not a chore. When she sits down at the end of a day (usually in the wee hours of the morning), she counts her blessings and looks forward to the cute things that the kids will say and do in the next waking hours. Motherhood is a priceless work of art…Masterpieces in the making. What an AWESOME gift God gave to mothers. We are responsible, with Gods help, for molding and shaping the miracles God gave us. Sit down at the end of a day and think, "What have I accomplished?" The dishes still in the sink, the laundry in the dryer, toys on the couch, the hand prints smudged on the windows, the to do list becoming longer, and one might become a bit frustrated but look at all the kids sleeping peacefully. Count your blessings...realize the "to do list" isn't that important anymore. The "to do list" will always be never ending, however childhood is not, so make every waking moment count, making memories and enjoy life with the family...