"Kid 3"

Christopher lives a very simple, organized, balanced life. He stays focused and accomplishes his goals on a daily basis. He has learned if you find something you want to do, don't let others get in your way, go after it. He is working full-time at the Wal-Mart in Falocn, CO and part time in shipping and delivery at PRICOM Design. His schedule is pretty structured. He has breakfast by 8:00am. After eating he does the dishes, then check orders that need to be fulfilled for PRICOM Design. Around noon he takes a lunch break. At Wal-Mart his hours are Saturday through Wednesday 2:00pm-11:00pm with an hour lunch break at 6:00pm. To unwind and relax he likes to play board games such as; Empire Builder, Train-o-poly, Life Twist and Turns, Payday, etc...When he tires of the board games he enjoys jumping on the trampoline or riding his bike. When it is too cold outside to do that he hangs out on the couch or in his room with his Ipad. He plays games or reads anything about trains, especially history of trains or how to build lay outs. He also enjoys performing in various musicals with Sunrise Players.  
Recently he performed in the Easter drama that his sister, Stephanie wrote. To nuture his spritritual side he has joined a Lifegroup from Meridian Point Church. They meet once a week at different locations on Thursdays. He really enjoys being able to grow spirtiually.
Christopher's chores around the house are doing the DISHES and Emptying the TRASH!!!! These are never ending chore in the Scheffler household, but Christopher always gets them accomplished. Aside from being our quiet perfectionist, Christopher loves telling jokes. He has a great sense of humor. Whenever he is interactive in a conversation he has a complex use of the English language. Although Christopher is very quiet, we all learn from his example. His structure, faithfulness and organization are skills that we all possess, but don't use to their fullest extent. Having Christopher around helps us to regain our focus. If any of us are down Christopher is there with a good joke to lift our spirits. Thank you Christopher for being you.
March 12, 1994