Faith has joined the teenage years, 13.  She is in 8th grade at our home school, Mountain View Christian Academy. She is very enthusiastic about learning. She is really good at math and loves doing all her school work. Faith is very independent. She is also our, "Drama Queen!" She is very strong willed and hates being told how to do things...she will always reply, "I know!" A bad habit Faith has is "attitude" she will crinkle up her nose and grunt when she is annoyed and feeling rebellious. She is very obedient, but when she gets something set in her mind and it doesn't go that way she gets ticked. She is always thinking of creative ways to get mom's attention, or just attention in general. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...her mom is just like that!
Faith is in her seventh year of piano lessons. She has been taking lessons with Bethanne since 2013. She enjoyed piano so much she also added vocal lessons as well.  She has quite a high vocal range. Faith is in her 4th year of gymnastics. She was asked to join the competetive CARA gymnastics team this year.   Faith is very social and makes friends easily.  She met a friend in 2015 while performing as a gingerbread in the Philharmonic Nutcracker at Pikes Peak Center. (This year Faith was a Party Girl and a Baker in the Philharmonic Nutcracker) Elisha and Faith have a special bond.  They are now both at Betsy's studio dancing.
During the summer Faith LOVES to swim. She also loves playing with all the animals, especially the kittens. She is kind ,gentle and caring with them.
Faith says when she grows up she would like to be a fashion designer. she enjoys dressing up and changing often. Keeping her room clean of clothing clutter in next to impossible. Along with that she loves accessorizing...and drawing all her designs. This year she has learned how to make, "slime" She loves crafting, which she likes to do with Mom's friend, Teresa.  She loves baking blueberry muffins and acting a lot older than she is. Mom and Faith are like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  They stick together. Faith always wants to be the center of mom's attention and tends to be very vocal about things when someone gets in the way of that bond.  Faith seems to be the happiest when she is dancing or getting things her way! She is a precious challenge!

"Kid #9"

July 12, 2004