"Kid #6"

Isaac is a jokester, true to the meaning of his name, (Isaac means, "laughter") he does keep us laughing. He is convinced that he is a trouble maker. All his siblings tell him that, so he believes it. Whenever something happens everyone thinks that Isaac was at the root of it. Isaac is just full of energy, looking for a way to vent it. Most of the time when it is vented someone is in the way. Isaac is a young man with many hidden talents. He spends most of his waking hours designing, building and creating. He is EXTREMELY ARTISTIC! That is his gift. He can create masterpieces out of nothing. We think he must be so artistic because he is the only "lefty" in the family. He also loves building models of any kind. From tanks, boats and submarines to Ferrari's, Sopwith camel's, B-17's and any other flying machine. If it has wood or plastic he loves to build it. He loves forging with metal.  He also loves the Renaissance time period, military stuff, wearing camofalgue, airsofting and watching, "Band of Brothers."
Isaac is still being home schooled. He is a  senior this year.  He does most of his studies independently. Considering he is obsessed with building WWII tanks and dioramas or anything to do with the Renaissance period or knights.  It's safe to say History is probably his favorite subject to study. His wardrobe consist of mainly camouflage fatigues.  He likes to shop at 2nd Hand Dan's which is a used military supply store.  This is where he purchases the majority of his wardrobe. Isaac is not sure what he wants to do when he graduates.  He'd love to do stuff with forging, but until then he continues to work part time at PRICOM design building and testing circuit boards.  We think maybe he should join the National Guard and get a certification in Welding.  No matter what he decides we are proud of him!
Isaac is in his third year of taking cello lessons. A couple hidden talents he does not talk about much are his musical and acting gifts. He only uses them once a year when he auditions for his sister's Easter production.
When he is not at school, he is either working at PRICOM Design or outdoors, rollerblading or bike riding. However, most of his free time is spent in the garage building models.
March 11, 1999