"Kid #5"

September 30, 1997
Starci is 20 years old.  This past year she persued her passion for baking.  On October 8, 2017 she graduated from Auguste Escoffier School with a diploma in Pastry Arts.  She graduated with honors. She was on the Dean's List with a 3.95 GPA and Perfect Attendance. She worked at the Broadmoor for awhile.  Now she is working at Josh and John's Ice Cream downtown Colorado Springs creating ice cream cakes.
Besides baking, Starci loves the perfroming arts.  Dancing, singing and acting are her passion. She also enjoys reading. She will read one or two books a day.  It is very hard for her to step off the stage and not be committed in theatre more often.  Her student loans have caused her to put that on the back burner while having a job to pay off the debt.  Starci has a lot of goals and ambitions and is very focused.  Right now she wants to work to payoff her debt, then she is considering working on a cruise line for awhile.  She cannot decide if she wants to do that in the performing arts or the baking side of the crusie boat industry.
Stephanie is know as the other half of Starci's brain.  They don't feel whole when they are apart. They are truly soul sisters for life!
Starci is very teachable and rarely becomes upset. She is a lot like her father in many ways. We all think it is because she is kid five just like her father. They are both even tempered. Starci does have a creative side...she loves expressing herself through sarcasm and clothing. She just wants to remind us that she is part of the family and wants to be recognized. Starci is always full of so much joy it radiates through her smile. She doesn't have mood swings or a temper or whining. She is a "constant" happy. We can go anywhere or do anything with her because she will never complain. She always adds more joy to the day. She brightens the world with her smile and joyful countenance.