"Kid #2"

Stephanie is the second born, but the first girl in the Scheffler Family.  She has been and always will be mom's right hand. She loves her life at home and plans on staying close to home until Prince Charming arrives on his white horse to whisk her away. We all love having her around. Stephanie's passions include her horse, Socks, History, Writing, Dancing, Sewing, and Music. Stephanie loves learning new skills. Her willingness and passion to try different skills is an example for all of us to follow. Here is a sample of her daily life...Stephanie is employed as a nanny part time and also part time receptionist at Peak Gymnastics and Fitness. She also works at PRICOM design in marketing, managing, finaces, product distribution and design. The first thing Stephanie does every morning before heading off to work is tending to the animals. She makes sure they are fed, watered and in good health, no matter what the conditions are outside or how she feels. She joyfully takes care of ALL the animal needs.  She never complains about all the work.
When Stephanie is not busy working and taking care of the animals, she is usually writing or at dance classes, or maybe practicing her flute or the Harp. Stephanie is still licensed with MHTP for playing the harp.
Around the house she helps with any chores that need to be done. She is always asking what she can do to make mom's load lighter. Since Stephanie is a regular driver in the family she helps run errands, take kids to dance and piano lessons. At the end of a long, tiring day she will curl up in a blanket with a good book on the couch and read herself to sleep. If we watch movies, she usually watches and will fall asleep half way through we tease her about why she has a bed, she hardly sleeps in it...
Stephanie has a passion for history and a genuine love for writing. Recently, Stephanie wrote and directed an Easter production called, "Risen..Death Where is your Sting?" She recently finished the next Easter production for 2018 called, "Forgiven!" A lot of the music was written and produced by a Scheffler sibling.
Stephanie is a great assistant for Dad. Whenever dad starts a project, Stephanie is right by his side, whether it's holding a ladder, finding a hammer, nailing boards, painting trim, gluing and caulking, you name it Stephanie has probably tackled it in some capacity with Dad. As for her future goals... She wants to continue with her writing and studying history, dancing and playing the harp. If those are her hearts desires then we want to encourage her to use the gifts and talents God has given her to fulfill HIS plan for her life...In the meantime we will continue enjoying her million dollar smile, her helping hand and her joyful countenance.
August 10, 1992